what is artificial intelligenceand how do you use it in your robots?

what is artificial intelligenceand how do you use it in your robots?
amelie tailpiece:
Artificial Intelligence is a vast subject with many different disciplines ranging from
language processing to machine learning that is much talked about (like the
machine learning and deep learning).
I use it in robotics in many different ways. As a customer first of all, I
will use bricks for perception for example to help my robot recognize
faces and objects. I also use it to learn and to
my robot to be a little less stupid at the end of an interaction than at the beginning.
I also contribute to artificial intelligence in a particular area called
developmental intellectual intelligence.
There, I try to create new algorithms, to solve new problems. vincent taLon:
In the 3 modes of movement of the robot (robot follower, autonomous robot and guided robot at a distance) there is artificial intelligence.
For example for the robot follower there is the recognition of forms on the person
we will want to follow. We’re going to defeat local trajectories to follow and all that, these are  algorithms based on artificial intelligence. The form recognitions will be made
with images and CNN neural networks [convolutional neural network].
There are also some in autonomous vehicles, that’s how they read
panels. When the robot is autonomous, we will create a map and then
we are breaking down roads to follow.
And that’s the same thing, we have strategies to defeat the trajectories
to avoid crushing a pedestrian, to minimize energy consumption and behind,
fairly advanced control laws that make it possible to follow these trajectories.

Today, how is your robot perceived by users?when they cross it?
amelie tailpiece:
It’s a great question. For now robots, it’s quite deceptive for users.
The first time there is a “wow” effect saying “the robots are great!”, But as soon as we
try to interact more than 10 minutes with them, we see all the bugs, the lack of adaptation
and abilities to solve what could be solved by common sense in humans.
And as we are still tainted by a Science-Fiction vision of what is robotics and
Artificial intelligence, robots are expected to be able to do things
simple, while they are not.
So, it’s not easy to develop applications on robots at the moment
because where the effort should be put is how to make it more natural and
satisfactory interaction between the man and the robot.
It’s super visible to show a good facial recognition algorithm, it’s a lot
harder to show that a robot was able to shut up when we, humans,
we wanted to talk.vincent taLon:
There are 2 types of reactions. The first, strange enough, people do not see it or there
do not pay attention. The second, rather young people or people who have a “geek” side, go
try to play with, understand what’s inside. Beyond that, there are always
grumpy, but 90% of people are excited to see this type of thing, it’s a dream.